Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Daily Devotional With Faith Oyedepo: Be Self-Motivated

Faith Oyedepo
“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 3:14-
Life is an adventure in opportunities and to make the most of it, you must make the most of every opportunity that come your way. One of the ways to do this is to train yourself to be self-motivated. This is one of the strongest virtues of any one successful individual.
Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the Franklin stove, bifocal spectacles and the lightening rod, had no formal education due to financial constraints. However, he didn’t let that bother him or limit his destiny. He learnt to read and write on his own, worked hard to achieve success in his chosen field and was instrumental in some reform projects in America.

He could have chosen to depend on others, or hang on the excuse that he was from a poor background and so could not become a success, but he chose to be self-motivated. He worked hard to overcome those factors that stood as a limitation to his destiny and today, he is a success story.

Similarly, you also can be a success story if you choose to be self-motivated. Develop yourself in any area of interest to you and press diligently to see that you succeed in it. My husband often says that there is no mountain or limitation anywhere, and everyone’s ignorance is his or her mountain. Don’t be ignorant about the things you should do or areas you can be better at. Seek that gift in you and develop it till you are successful. That might just be the link to your breakthrough, so you must work at making out something of your skill, gift or calling. You shall succeed in the name of Jesus Christ!

Remain Blessed!

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