Friday, October 30, 2015

Christians Recognize God As Follows

In Genesis- He is the Alpha, El-Olam (Eternal), In Exodus – He is I am who I am, In Leviticus – He is the priest, In Numbers – He is the source of blessing, In Deuteronomy – He is the consuming fire; In Joshua – He is the commander, In Judges – He is the one of Sinai, In Ruth – He is blessed and kind, In Samuel – He is Glory of Israel, In Kings – He is God of Israel, In Chronicles -  He is the God of Jerusalem, In Nehemiah – He is the builder, God of Heaven, In Esther – He is the Rewarder, In Job – He is the breath, In Psalms- The Judge of the Earth, Proverbs – He is the Defender, In Ecclesiastes – He is the Creator, In Song of Solomon – He is the rose of Sharon, lily of the valley, In Isaiah – He is Prince of Prince. In Jeremiah- He is the Living God, In Lamentation – He is righteous,
In Ezekiel – He is Jehovah Rohi, In Daniel- He is God of Heaven, the most High God of Daniel, In Hosea –he is the healer, the reviver, the raiser, In Joel – He is Almighty (Shaddai), the Restorer, In Amos – He is a consuming fire, In Obadiah – He is the deliverer, In Jonah – He is gracious, merciful and slow to anger, In Micah – He is God of Jacob, In Nahum – He is a Revenger and jealous God, In Habakkuk – He is everlasting, God of Salvation and vision, In Zephaniah – He is God of vengeance, a consuming fire, In Haggai- He is the Lord of Hosts, God of glory, In  Zechariah – He is Jehovah Sabaoth (Lord Almighty), In Malachi – He is the Lord of Host, the unchanging Lord.

In Mathew - He is the King of kings, In Mark – He is the commander, God of authority, In Luke – He is the Savior, In John – He is the Word, the message, the light of the world, In Acts – He is Jesus, In  Romans – He is the Deliverer, In Corinthians – He is the Spirit of God, In Galatians – He is the Father, In Ephesians – He is the Holy Spirit, In Philippians – He is God, the Father, In Colossians – He is the Deity, In Thessalonians – He is the Lord Jesus Christ, In Timothy – He is God our Savior, In Titus – He is God that cannot lie, In Philemon – He is God our Father, In Hebrews – He is God, In James – He is the father of the Heavenly Lights. In Peter 1st & 2ndHe is the Chief Shepherd, the chief cornerstone; In 1st,2nd,3rd John – He is the word of Life. In Jude – He is Sovereign, In Revelation – He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Beginning and the End, Lion of the tribe of Judah!!!

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