Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jesus Talks With A Samaritan Woman

I took a closer look at John 4:1-42, the story of Jesus asking a Samaritan woman a drink. I denote these vital facts:
  1. Jesus tested the Samaritan woman but she failed. Jesus came as a commoner to request for a drink. If Jesus come as a commoner today, will you give him what he has requested?
  2. The Samaritan woman refused to offer  Jesus a drink , Jesus told her that he has a living water better than the ordinary water she is bragging on. Jesus said the living water will give her eternal life.
  3. The Samaritan woman did not believe Jesus until he told her everything she has ever done.
  4. True worshippers must worship the father in spirit and in truth. These are the kind of worshippers the father seek.
  5. Many of the Samaritans believed Jesus is indeed the savior of the world before, during and after he left samaria.

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