Thursday, October 15, 2015

Man claims he was expelled from Church because of his homosexual lifestyle

Dylan Settles had been a member of the Woods Chapel General Baptists Church in Brookland for years, but after he revealed his sexuality they shunned him for ‘sinning’.
The chapel, in Arkansas, sent him a letter, which he’s since posted on Facebook.
The letter reads: 
It has come to the attention of the Church body, that you have made it known publicly, of your choice to embrace the homosexual lifestyle. While we understand the struggles we all face with sin in our lives, we must be aware of the consequences of our choices.

‘As a Christian we must choose to serve and obey, in accordance with God’s holy word, in order to remain a member in good standing of the Church body. We as the church board here at Woods Chapel General Baptist Church, have with great sorrow, voted to remove your name immediately from the church membership role.

‘It is the desire of your church family, you would turn from the sinful lifestyle you have chosen, repent of the sins you have committed, and return to full fellowship with God and the church body.’

The church also said they would ‘pray for him’.

Dylan wrote: ‘I just got this letter from a place I called my home church. You will never see my face in that church again.’

He later said: ‘I want to thank everyone for helping me share my story. After the hundreds of messages to thousands of shares and over 300 friend requests, I couldn’t reply to everyone.’

Adding: ‘I am truly thankful to have a community that has reached out to me at my time of grief.’

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