Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prayer for the Day

It does not take God 24hrs to change a man's story. Mordecai was a gate man to king Ahaseurus, when his book of remembrance was opened,his story changed from gate to palace. Joseph was a prisoner in Egypt, but a day came when God made him to become a Prime Minister in the same Egypt.
This same God can still do it for you, When God opens your book of remembrance, all your sorrows will turn into laughter, all your days of mourning will turn into dancing, those who mock you, will come & celebrate with you, those who look down on you, will look up to you, those who say "who are you"? Will come & say "how are you to you"? I pray that may the Lord do for you, what will shock your enemies, may God promote you above your contemporaries. May God fight your hidden battles and grant you victory in every areas of your life. May God's eyes of mercy shine upon you. May God send you help from the four corners of the World. May God deliver you from every evil plans of the enemies and answer all your prayers in Jesus name. Share & type Amen if you believe.

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