Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oral sex is a good thing – Bishop Heward-Mills

The Founder and Presiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International, Dag Heward-Mills has encouraged couples not to shy away from oral sex.

Oral sex is defined as sexual activity in which the genitals of one partner are stimulated by the mouth of the other.
Religious leaders in Christendom are divided over its propriety. Some individuals even consider the topic a taboo.

But the Author and Evangelist told his congregation recently that oral sex is good for married couples, and encouraged husbands to often ‘go down’ on their wives in the bedroom.

Bishop Heward-Mills, who studied medicine, said: “One of the advantages of oral sex is that the clitoris needs to be stimulated and sometimes your tongue can do a good job because sometimes the finger is stimulating the clitoris [and]…the clitoris is even becoming sore because you are pressing it and rubbing it.”

“Sometimes the tongue can be a nice excellent stimulator, gentle and soft…so oral sex is a good thing,” he added.


Over to the married couples. What do you think?


  1. He's talking from his male instincts. I can't say that oral sex is good or bad, it all depends on what works for the couple.


  2. To each on his own oo
    I can't say whether it's compulsory or not!


    1. Thanks for sharing your thought sassy mum. We love you


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