Monday, November 2, 2015


Every gang-up of hell against your destiny is scattered today in the name of Jesus!
Your word from heaven will locate you today!
Expect God to crown this year with goodness in your life!
God’s agenda for your life will be fulfilled speedily in Jesus’ name!
Receive grace to praise God’s Presence into your circumstances!
Every prophetic word concerning you will be fulfilled in your life this month!Whatever has hindered the fulfillment of prophecies in your life is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
Within the next seven weeks, you will be swimming in brand new ‘waters’!
Every ugly part of your life is beautified now in Jesus' name!
The barriers on the path to your promised land are destroyed this month in the name of Jesus!
No devil will stop you from having your heart’s desire this year in the name of Jesus!
God is coming down for you this month!
Your captivity is turning like a dream of the night this month!

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