Friday, November 27, 2015

Tonto Dikeh Prays for Her Husband

They say nothing beats a prayerful woman ..Mrs Tonto Churchill dished out words of prayer for her husband..What a lucky man. Read below
My husband is a gift and a testimony and for this, He shall be blessed in his spirit and soul. His body shall be full of vitality of the Lord, his life garnished with wealth and abundance, he is experiencing peace all around. I shall not mourn over him, because He is satisfied with long life, he shall live and take care of our children and I. He will eat the good of this land.(Continue)
The Lord will not take him where there is no grace. The Lord will keep our love alive and our marriage will be more fruitful than ever before.The lord will keep you safe and no man I say No man/Woman born of a woman can hurt/harm you..Every evil thrown your way shall be a reverse case to the sender..
I cover you with the blood & the fire of the Holy Ghost..Shine on Jesus gat you baby,Shine on my King

Wow! so sweet. Top readers,pray for your partner regularly. It is highly essential- Topmost Tree Unique Comment


  1. Yayyy! It's good to pray for your partner always. God bless Mr. Churchill

  2. This is nice. God bless my DH.

  3. I pray for my hubby everyday. He is my Prayer point. I just prayed for him now

  4. Yesoo. I prat for my future hubby.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Datz good keep it up
      Have a good night


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