Monday, December 14, 2015

A Forensic Anthropologist Used Science to Draw What He Says is the Most Realistic Jesus

This photo has gone viral

According to medieval artist/scientist, Richard Neave, Jesus is not the white, long-haired, skinny face you've been seeing throughout your entire life.
Using the powers of science, Neave found three skulls from Israeli archaeological sites and used computerized tomography to construct the best shape for Jesus's face. From his findings, Neave created a black Jesus, with a much broader nose and a new hairdo. 


  1. Who has seen Jesus. This is mere speculation

  2. Until we see Jesus, then we'll know his original looks

  3. Lailai, I no gree for this on. Jesus handsome pass this!

  4. Wat of Jesus being nazarene , he Should have longer hair by age of 30 na

    # redraw


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