Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chudy Visits The Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem (Photos)

Chudy is a reader of Laila's Blog and decides to share his experience on the blog
 He visited the site of feeding the multitude and then the tomb of Jesus Christ. See more photos after the cut....

This is very point where Jesus fed the five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fishes. You can see the symbol of two fishes and five loaves carved on top of the ground right here on the Mountain. I prayed here that God will release multiplication in every area of the lives of all my family members, friends and Gods people in Jesus name. 

This Tomb is believed to be where our Lord and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ was laid. It's indeed empty. Am a living witness. 


  1. Wonderful! This reminds me of The Cross

  2. Hmmmm i love to make this trip someday soon..

    1. you will definitely will Gloria in Jesus' name Amen!

      Hello Temitope....Calvary greeting! Remain bless!

  3. This is an historic trip. Nice one.

  4. Amen to you prayers......

    Jesus is Alive!!!!

  5. One of the places I will visit on this earth. Nice one.Hi, today is another Friday and I have something for you guys, something to start your weekend by. An insight into how karma dishes consequences on the future generations. Share with your friends

  6. Wow! Would love to go there someday. Lovely pictures

  7. Wonderful. This has been my dream, I will surely visit there one day.

  8. Wow!historical place.I hope hubby allows me visit.


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