Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Church Members Vying to Remove 'Dictatorial' Pastor

Church members say they voted out their pastor but he disagrees, sparking a holiday debate that's full of anything but Christmas cheer. 
According to report from an ABC affiliate, Knoxville's Mount Olive Baptist Church members voted 86-5 to oust Rev. Valentio McNeal, but he says it wasn't an official vote.
"He's dictatorial, on his own he decided to remove four members of the deacon board, because he didn't feel they were loyal enough to him," one member told ABC6. 
McNeal disagrees, claiming the church transformed into a social club of sorts. 
"They've made church a country club. They think because they put a dollar in the plate they can do everything they want to in the church without discipline," he said. "... God placed me here as their pastor, and I'm going to serve them." 
Watch the video to see more. 


  1. Some churches now has deviated from the main teachings of Christ. May God renew the earth.

  2. lol.. voting for pastor????
    devil is a liar


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