Thursday, December 17, 2015

“How I Ran to Christ at Form 2” Kwara First Lady Tells Her Story and Encounter With God!

Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed, the Kwara state First lady is definitely doing her destined job – that is humanism. She loves her neighbor; young and old as herself and follows the dictate of God to do good. That is why she is all natural in her fight for Cervical and Breast cancer and she is resolutely pushing it away from Kwara State and making sure the girl child realizes her full potentials in life. She is a preacher; she uses her life experiences and draws from life experiences of role models to inspire them to excel and live an abuse-free life and drug life.
At the day of the girl- child which she hosted girls and women she had this to say; “Government will try. But what you saw in the film is real”.
But girls have to ensure their own safety. Your greatest responsibility is to your future. God has great plans for you. Don’t reject yourself. Peradventure, by being inquisitive, you have fallen; it’s not the end of your life. You have to move on from your fallen point.

The circumstance of one’s birth is not an excuse. I started going to fellowship at form 2. I am standing because I believe in my life. If anyone told me I would be first lady years ago, I would simply say “I will be what God wants me to be. Don’t be carried away with those who doesn’t know where they are going. If you have issues, talk about it. Someone will stand up to your oppressor. Government of Kwara has built a back up in place, but you must believe in yourself”. She gave out her number and email number to all present to call her if they ever needed her.

(1) She is a natural teacher. She teaches and inspires people by drawing personal experiences of people around her and herself. Cancer for her is what she wants to eradicate and prevent and she would do just about anything to get people off it.
(2) She is a team player. Her aides and those managing her NGO- LEAH Foundation are like her sisters and brothers. There is an equal field level ground for all. She doesn’t chair nor act as the boss. She is a participant.
(3) She loves children, girls and women. She is good with names after meeting them once. She snaps pictures with them endlessly, listen to all. She can spend like a whole day listening to women and the girl- child.
(4) She is not just a praying woman; but a prayer warrior. She is a born again Christian. Pastors wives, spirit filled people surround her. She does vigils every forth night. She would rather be doing God’s work, doing her NGO, be in a vigil than anywhere else.
(5) She puts in her absolute best in any of her undertakings and bends over backwards positively to achieve her goals and ambitions. Impossibility is a no no for her.
(6) She is humble to a fault. She respects and celebrities people lesser than her. She has no airs. She is simplicity personified. She makes people around her feel very special. If she sees you once, she never forgets names or faces.
(7) She is blessed with natural beauty. She doesn’t use make up yet she is very beautiful. Her beauty is skin deep. She is very simple and accommodating.
(8) She puts God first in anything she says or does. In any speech, she makes God comes first.
(9) She believes in helping the less privilege. According to her, if you are to help someone and you don’t do it, you will continue to be at the same spot.
(10) She hates sycophancy or eye service. She loves people to speak truth to power.
(11) She loves and respects her husband very deeply and wants people to tell him the truth.
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Never knew kwara first lady is a christian, don't agree with No. 7-i can see make up on her face


  1. that is amazing... Glory be to God

  2. The most important thing is that she recognised the fact that giving one's life to Christ is the ultimate achievement anyone can have.

  3. Oh I want to meet her.

    Her makeup is minimal it's more like not having a make up on.


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