Sunday, December 27, 2015

Inspirational Short Messages

Get inspired with these wonderful inspirational short messages. don’t keep it to yourself alone but pass it to your family, friends and loved ones so that they too can get inspired just as you will be after reading through this inspirational short messages, here they are:
  • We are like pencils, the best part in us is inside, we make marks as we touch other’s lives. When we make mistakes, we can erase and we become better as we are sharpened
  •  I cried because I don’t have a shoe until I saw a man without a feet. Sometimes, we’re just too blind to appreciate the things which surround us.
  • When life seems so tough, go on. When things go wrong, move on. Bear in mind that God gives you strength to persevere, not to surrender. 
  •  Wake up! Exercise your faith. Do sit-up with prayer. Do push-up to release stress. Go! Jog to the Lord and send the good news! 
  •  Don’t think too much of the problems in life, they are just test papers given by God to see how much we are learning in His subject called “Life”. If you think you failed, don’t worry because He is always ready to give remedial classes. So, review through prayers and have the perfect score of “Happiness”.
  •  Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you, not because they are not nice, but because you are nice.
  •  Before you sleep, just gently lay every troubled thought away. Drop your burden and your care in the quiet arms of prayer because God never sleeps. 
  • Stay humble, be faithful, offer hope, work diligently, fight fairly, live simply, love deeply, and give generously.
  • Prayer is a perfume to our soul and a fragrance that pleases God. Wear your prayer everyday and let it freshen you anytime, anywhere you go. Have a blessed and sweet-scented day!
  • The more silently love is expressed, the more it is deeply bound to impress. No wonder God loves us in silence and gives us the miracles of having friends.
  •  Life is a continuous challenge, we are not made rich by what is in our pockets, but by what is in our hearts.
  • The person meant for you is the person who will love you even when there’s no more reason to love you. For in your nothingness, the one meant for you will find what’s lovable in you.
  •  Forget the things that made you sad and remember those that made you glad. Forget the troubles that passed away and remember the blessings that come each day. 
  • Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it. 
  • Some won’t appreciate what you say or do, but as long as you speak honestly from the heart, you’ll be fine. This is not a perfect world. This is not a perfect life. But life loves the person who dares to live it by being real. 
  • Sometimes in life, we tend to run so fast that we don’t notice God running with us. We only notice Him when we fall, yet He stops, carries us and says, “Finish the race my child.” Good day!


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