Monday, December 28, 2015

Is it wrong for Bishops to wear ripped Jeans to church? Bishop TD Jakes replies fan

So yesterday, Bishop TD Jakes attended his church service in ripped jeans. He had such a good time that he just had to post a photo of himself on his instagram page - an action that did not go down well with one of his fans!
According to the fan, he is supposed to be leading by example and not wearing ripped jeans to the altar as it is worldly.

Interestingly, the Bishop replied!


  1. Lolz, it's not too ripped nah!!! He looks younger in the outfit tho

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  2. The man is not looking good atall, looking so bloated and unfit. Dont these men of God engage in fasting atimes? Or atleast live a fasted life? This is not right.

  3. Hello Temitope, how are you doing?
    just checking on you!*smiles*

  4. "Scripture please?, I certainly want to comply with the word. I just missed the one about jeans in the pulpit." ...brilliant defense!

    But what's not soo cool is a BISHOP wearing ripped jean... Oh, before I forget:

    Yo mhen, Bishop Jakes, yhu look Gud nigga! :D

  5. Iam sorry if I offended any1... Bt I have a bad habit hiding my openion !

    1. Hi king patoski,
      U can express yourself on this blog and I really like your opinion. Your comment is well appreciated.

      Stay blessed!

  6. Owkoooo every man to his own death and judgement.
    Am not God so I won't judge

  7. Can't judge either. I canvas for responsible representation of God's Kingdom. Full stop

  8. I don't see anything wrong with it but he's older than that

  9. This jeans is not bad. People and their blabber mouth

  10. As a pastor his dressing should speak good of him


  11. I don't like ripped jeans. But his is not too ripped.


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