Saturday, December 5, 2015

Passengers On A UK Bus Yell At Nigerian Man For Preaching

A video currently making rounds on social media shows a Nigerian man being yelled at by angry passengers inside a bus in the UK for preaching.

A video of some passengers on a UK bus yelling at a Nigerian man and even asking him to get down the bus for preaching has gone viral on the social media.
The Nigerian man could be heard saying, "I'm preaching the word of Jesus Christ, i didn't hurt anyone." While a white lady yelled at him saying "Get off the bus or i call the Police if you can't stop preaching."
culled from Tori News


  1. na wa for this whites o, what has race and religion got in common dat they r racially abusing the man but using religion as a front on the innocent man...

  2. Nigerians can like to abuse things. He think say na molue for Oshodi going to iyana ipaja he entered

  3. Ahahhahhahaha make dem come enter oshodi abi ikorodu bus na


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