Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stop This Vanity Upon Vanity Talk- Toke Makinwa & Paul Okoye Warn

Toke took to her Instagram this morning to address the notion some people have that successful people are not Godly or are not good Christians. She couldn't have said it any better. Read what she wrote below...
"I don't do religion, I think one of the major problems in the world today is religion. Wars have started in the name of religion, people are lost in certain doctrines, they don't know who God is. God is not a poor God, God does not delight in poverty! Being a Child of God does not mean you shouldn't desire the fine things of life. The street of heaven is made of Gold. Stop buying the lies sold to you. God wants you to flourish, to dominate, to subdue the earth. You can dream big, it is your duty to carry the light of God. Stop with the Vanity upon Vanity talk, every single person that worked with and for God was blessed. Soooo blessed at that. Those days it was in cattle, land and much more. If that doesn't tell you that you should be blessed, I don't know what will. My last post inspired this. I just feel the need to encourage someone out there. Find God on your own and work out your own salvation. Your father owns the heavens and the earth, you should be at the top. Stop judging, not every successful person has sold their soul to the devil. You don't know their walk with God, Jesus met the lady at the well and asked her for a drink, she had been married many times and was living with a man that wasn't her husband but Christ went there cos he knew she would come to draw water, do you think Jesus needed the water? You think he couldn't command water to rise? he knew she needed salvation, he went there cos he knew she would come and he approached her not with judgement but with kindness. God loves us all.

Paul okoye also passed this message to his christian fans last month on his facebook page

What do you think my people?


  1. "Find God on your own and work out your own salvation"

    please check you mail Temitope, I await your reply. thank you.

  2. This is so true. My God is not a God of poverty. He said he will provide us with riches according to His glory. Not by ranting alone, every body should strive towards perfection and making heaven at the last day. May God help us all.

  3. sometimes wealth gotten can pose as show off and not to glorify God.sometimes we liik at the intent of the act.Yes my God is a rich God no wonder Psalm 24 says the earth is the lord and its fullness thereof,so what are we saying

  4. so true..

    cos the earth is of the Lord and its fullness there off

  5. Toke don vex ooooooo. But she made some good points here. We should find God on our own and work out our own Salvation

  6. I love this a lot! Really nice.

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