Thursday, December 24, 2015

Viral Photo Shows Boy Praying With Santa for Something Selfless

Rebekah Lauren Sharpe and her nephew were probably some of many in line to meet Santa this holiday season—but their visit was far from average. 

After 4-year-old Presytn asked Santa for a train set, he asked Father Christmas for something most might ignore: prayer for Knox Stine, an infant who was found unresponsive in his bed on Nov. 30. 
Sharpe captured the moment on Instagram: "Asked Santa to pray with our boy for baby Knox! #kneelingforknox#prayforknox."

Presytn's little heart for prayer is making a big impact, and the viral photo even made it back to the Stine family


  1. The mind of a child is so pure he believes Santa can give him everything.
    Alot of lessons here

    1. yea Gloria "believe" is the key!

      Temitope, merry Xmas in Advance!

  2. touching. God bless this little boy.

  3. wow... may God answer his prayers... Amen

  4. Hmmm Santa you must provide him oooooo.

  5. Awwww eyaaaa. His prayer and wish will be answered in Jesus Name

  6. I wish His prayer will be answered
    #God take note


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