Sunday, January 3, 2016

Pastor E.A Adeboye's son, Leke, pens down '18 Lessons God taught him in 2015'

Leke Adeboye, the Personal Assistant and last son of the General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor E.A Adeboye, has shared 18 lessons God taught him in 2015 on his facebook page.
Believe me, it is a must read...amazing lessons!
1. Everyone and everything requires their own time. Even me time is needed.
2. If you don't have haters it simply means you are not very good at what you do.
3. It's at Christmas you can give someone or people any gift you like without explaining. So that family or friend that as bad breath and you give them a carton of mouthwash. It's okay it's chrsitmas.
4. Married life is different from single life, you will not be able to keep all the same friends. Just like any large company mergers some people will just have to go.
5. Are you the 80% or the all important 20%
6. The amount of knowledge you will gain by just travelling alone is more than that of a lifetime in a class room.
7. It is the same Sun and Moon. No matter the county, culture, food, people or wealth.
8. Be content within your self and your space. Then no one can influence you or entice you with nothing.
9. Without the Old School the new won't be. And there is always something the Old school hasn't told you that will change and impact your life for the better. Humble yourself, old age equals wisdom. Youth equals strength. Wisdom is better than strength.
10. Every choice has a consequence. Good or bad depends on which choice you make.
11. At the end of the day, really all you have is your family. Love them or hate them. You need them.
12. Male or female. A child is a child. One is an investment that will pay off and the other will just continue your blood line.
13. The difference between the poor and the rich is that someone decided to be that difference.
14. I only get attracted to broken people because God wants to use them to fix myself, while fixing them through me.
15. While getting old is inevitable, growing up is optional.
16. I won't say what I can't defend and I won't defend what I can't say.
17. Every man is a potential leader but not every leader needs to be a man. Forget potential make yourself essential.
18. We came from nothing to something then to everything and now contentment with all things. End result is peace.


  1. Very deep lines there. Hmmmmm


  3. These are truth that when you know and apply it will help indeed!

  4. I love the no 12.

    Great post and very informative

  5. Love them all. Atleast one or two should be able to guide us through the year. Thanks for sharing Top

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