Friday, January 15, 2016

Video of TB Joshua's Meeting with 'Lucifer' Goes Viral

This article was written by freelance journalist, Ihechukwu Njoku. Read below...

A YouTube clip showing controversial Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua’s dramatic encounter with ‘Lucifer’ has gone viral, amassing over 500,000 views in just one month since its release online. The video titled ‘Face To Face With Lucifer’ shows a peculiar scenario that unfolded in Joshua’s church when a self-professed ‘occult wizard’ came to seek prayers at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria.

In the clip, an eerily looking man with a menacing black beard introduces himself as Professor Chukwudi Okakpu, an alleged ‘Grand Llama of Science Beyond Material’. Amidst his extraordinary claims, the Satanist professed to have had face to face encounters with ‘Lucifer’ and to have endorsed ‘anti-Christs’ globally. “I can stay here and appear in any part of Europe,” Okakpu, dressed in a flowing white suit, calmly stated, adding that he ‘operates like a spirit’. “If you are such a person that patronises shrines or herbalists, I am the ultimate,” he sensationally claimed.
The video shows Joshua praying for Okakpu who sways uneasily several times before eventually falling to the floor. Several of his ‘followers’ proceed to come out from the crowd and are also prayed for, after which the ‘professor’ renounces his devilish past. Okakpu proceeds to return the following week with some of his ‘occultic’ garments to testify to the changes in his life after ‘accepting Jesus Christ’.

“This is a video satan does not want you to watch,” Emmanuel TV states in its introduction of the clip on YouTube. “A satanic ‘general’ renounces his covenants with devilry and witchcraft in a church service that made hell and its minions quiver!” As with most of Joshua’s videos, the contents have elicited controversy with opposing views as to its authenticity.

Several online commentators insisted Joshua’s deliverance services are nothing more than a scam involving arranged actors while others argue they are genuine and godly. Joshua’s YouTube channel Emmanuel TV, where the clip was uploaded, is the third most subscribed channel in Nigeria with nearly 300,000 subscribers and 110,000,000 views.


  1. 'Lucifer'? Hmmmmm..

  2. Religions such as Christainity, Islam etc say Yes...directly or indirectly.

    Science is now wise enough to believe in ghost (Meta Physicists in the know what iam talking abouut huh?).

    Science and Religion is Life!...nd they both believe!.

    ...but me, I say...(I'll be right back).

  3. No be only lucifer..mtcheeew
    Don't believe this man.

  4. Not only Lucifer! I don't believe in this guys...they have their ways of misleading their followers with misinformation.

  5. Tope hope say no be the church you dey go? Abeg I no go the church again for visitation

  6. Dear Dr Peter Adeosun,

    Your claims to be a critical scientic thinker is laughable. Many people can now see through your hatred toward the Holy Scoan Church, Nigeria and the Holy Prophet TB Joshua. Many powerful thinkers around the world can see that your cowardly attacks
    Is against an honest man,
    Dr.Peter Adeosun "Key" is motivated out of his fear and envy that many thousands of patients are now going to the holy Scoan Church for their healing simply because everyone they meet can show them medical proof of their complete healing at the holy Scoan Church, Nigeria.
    Failure !!! Failure !!!! The plans by these satanic people have all failed to destroy what the true GOD is doing for all the people at the holy Scoan Church, Nigeria.

    Because of thousands of very happy people testifying daily, at the holy Scoan Church, Nigeria to the whole world about all their miraculous and complete healings, many so called critical thinkers hide their real dark motives from the ignorant masses.
    Remember, the mind-blowing evidence of financial breakthroughs experience by everyone blessed in the holy Scoan Church cannot be destroyed by hatred, envy and jealousy.

    The evidence shows that doctors and medical specialist cant heal.
    Healing is only from God !

  7. A more factual account from someone who has visited the Church of the Synagogue is written by Professor Willem Ouweneel, a prominent Dutch theologian who holds doctorates in biology, philosophy and theology. He lectures in Universities in Switzerland, Holland, South Africa and Germany. He is of Brethren background but is thoroughly satisfied of the genuineness of the miracles and vindicates the theology of Prophet Joshua.
    Are you satisfied the healing miracles are genuine?
    One cannot watch the videos without being convinced of their authenticity. Apart from which I saw healing miracles for myself when he prayed for the sick. Four of the seven members of our team also received healings.
    What sort of a man is he to speak to?
    He is extremely humble and continually gives the glory to God.
    What is the attitude of the church members?
    They display the fruit of the Holy Spirit to an extent that I have rarely seen before. One has a sense of being loved, there is a sense of joy, of peace, gentleness, temperance, faith and meekness.
    Did the church members you spoke to know much about the bible?
    Yes, our whole group was surprised at the sound scriptural knowledge of those we spoke to.
    How do you know he is not an occultist?
    I have been involved in the deliverance ministry for over 30 years. I have written such books as "Demons Defeated" which has been translated into many languages and "How To Cast Out Demons And Break Curses". I have also taught on deliverance in many countries.
    I carefully watched the ministry of Joshua and I am totally satisfied that he is casting out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. As Jesus said "satan cannot cast out satan".
    He constantly casts out demons by the power of God. He constantly upholds the name of Jesus Christ, gives glory to God and his preaching is biblically inspired. The work of the Holy Spirit is clearly evident among the church members.
    Also one of the above videos shows a dead man being raised by the power of God.


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