Saturday, February 27, 2016

Photo of the Day

CRITICISED: Meagan Good with husband Devon Franklin

CHRISTIAN ACTRESS Meagan Good was told to “cover up” by an audience member during Valentine’s Day talk with her husband Devon Franklin at a church in LA. 

Meagan was bashed last week by a Christian woman who said the actress showed too much skin on the red carpet and needed to stop dressing provocatively as a preacher's wife. Her husband defended her over it but it looks like the criticism worked because she stepped out looking smashing in this outfit

Good is a Christian, considers herself a very spiritual person and has stated in numerous interviews that she would not play roles that she feels might "disappoint God. She explained in an interview that Jesus tops her hero list and the last book she read was the Bible


  1. She is a preacher wife she needs to dress as such. Period!

  2. I think that is an exaggeration. She looked good.

  3. better self... not all those trashy stuffs she normally wears

  4. She ought to dress properly at least for the fact that she's a preacher's wife. If she keeps dressing this way, what then is she teaching others?

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