Monday, February 8, 2016

Prophetic Declarations for the Week by Bishop David Oyedepo

From today, every wicked force attacking you bows to you in Jesus mighty name!
Right now, the fire of God is falling on your adversaries!
From today, you will become dangerous for the enemy to confront!

Every tormentor of your destiny shall see the mighty hand of God in Jesus' name!
Whatever is sitting on your destiny and won’t let you go, they are decreed gone in Jesus’ name!
Every force sitting on your health is decreed gone today in the mighty name of Jesus!
The end has come to all satanic manipulations in your life!
Every opposition in your life is brought down speedily!
God is issuing judgment against your enemies today in Jesus' mighty name!
Everywhere you appear, you shall be triumphing!
This week, you will hear news of divine vengeance and judgment against your enemies!
This is your year of total turnaround!
If there is any issue of concern in your life, this week God is giving you a testimony!


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