Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Church Bishop Fined For Noisy 3am Services Says It Will Continue

Bishop Climate Irungu, 41, whose church, The Kingdom Church in Camberwell, south London, faced a fine of £7,740.50 earlier this month after residents nearby complained about sleepless nights, has refused to back down because according to him, that is the time when "demons are active". He has however taken measures to appease residents by soundproofing the building

The nighttime is "the time when we’re dealing with spiritual things, when the spiritual world is busy". That's the time when demons are more active, when people are asleep, that's when they will come," Irungu said.

The Bishop who heads 400 churches worldwide says people come from far and near to seek solutions to their problems. He said that hate mail from atheists and "people like witches and Satanists" will be dealt with by God .

“I’m hoping that people who have been mocking us, people speaking bad things – God is going to deal with them. Our 3am service has helped hundreds of people whom have all shared their testimony about what God has done for them.”


  1. i thought it was only in Lagos Nigeria that we face noisy churches

  2. Hmmmmm well all I can say is, they should lower their noise, and keep to the rules


  3. So this sh*t happens abroad too? Nawaaa oooo



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