Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Limbless Evangelist Speaks in Laguna Hills

People waited in line outside Crossline Church on Friday, Feb. 26, to hear Nick Vujicic, a limbless evangelist, speak about his life and the Gospel.

It would be the second appearance the famous speaker would preach at the church, located in Laguna Hills. Although Vujicic had health complications, he powered through his struggles and spoke twice a day for the whole weekend.

“Nick is a one-in-seven-billion kind of guy,” said Kenny Luck, men’s pastor at Crossline. “His story glorifies God in every aspect. He connects to the young and old, anyone lost or hurting, bringing hope to the table like never seen. I’m proud to say he is my friend.”

Vujicic, born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia, was born without limbs. Facing challenges such as school, social acceptance and everyday tasks, Vujicic suffered from severe depression and was on the brink of suicide.

Then Vujicic heard the story in the Bible where Jesus had healed a blind man, Vujicic gave his life to Christ and devoted his existence to spread the word of God.

“At one high school, just minutes into my story, I could see some of my audience starting to cry,” Vujicic said. “One girl was so touched by how God has used me, she stood up, walked on stage and gave me a hug whispering, ‘No one has ever told me that I am beautiful or loved me.’”

Vujicic’s mission is to speak to all 7.125 billion persons living in this world. He has traveled the globe from high stakes teachings to tribes in Africa to visiting schools here in America. He has spoken over 3,000 times, receiving about 100 requests to speak a week.

During Friday night’s service, Vujicic held an altar call, which brings forth anyone who wants to accept Christ into his or her hearts. Over 120 individuals rose to the occasion and gathered near the stage, teary eyed and sobbing. The crowd cheered as the persons walked to the front in celebration of gaining new members to the family of Jesus Christ.

From toddlers to the elderly, they followed the prayer of Vujicic, and in Christianity, became “born again”. The crowd proceeded to exit to another building where counselors awaited them, ready to help.

Carlos Becerra, just one of the many counselors set to guide the newly saved, was touched by Vujicic’s teachings.

“I love him,” said Beccera. “God has gifted him to do what he does… it is really God working through Nick.”

Individuals who came and sat with volunteers received a Bible and other materials along with encouragement to pursue their relationship with Christ.

“You wouldn’t just leave a baby alone to survive,” Becerra said. “As a church, we want to encourage them, love them, and help direct them to a good church.”

Among the group, Greese Ramirez, an 8-year-old from Mission Viejo, accepted Christ for her first time that night. Although Ramirez was choked up about the whole experience, she managed to talk.

“I live Mr. Nick,” Ramirez said. “I liked the things he said and now I want to love Jesus.”

Vujicic heads to Florida to finish his “Unstoppable Faith” series with his family and supporters.

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  1. Despite not having limbs, he still does the work of God without complaints. More grace Mr. Nick

  2. God is mighty in Pastor Nick's life. U can't hear his preaching and remain the same and it's more amazing how happy and joyful he is, despite his inability. U could almost feel the joy radiating from him

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  3. If this does not inspire someone nothing will.

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