Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why I Use Coffin to Illustrate My Preaching— Prophet Kogberegbe

A COFFIN is not always a pleasant especially when it is brought within a church premises because it presupposes that a fellow human being who had just died is being prepared for interment.
The sight can be scary and awe-inspiring. But at the Holy Michael Church of The Lord (Aladura) Cherubim & Seraphim, founded by Prophet Samuel Olawale Kogberegbe coffins are a common sight because they form part of the preaching tools. Odd? Asked what was the correlation between an empty coffin and the church at the 2016 Descencion programme at Ori Oke Olorunda Esan Cathedral, Ikotun Egbe Road, Egbe, Lagos, the Eruwa, Oyo State-born prophet, said during the church 2016 Descension programme that he uses the coffin as an illustration to teach Nigerians to be conscious about death and change their negative ways. 

Kogberegbe, the octogenarian, who has been in ministry for over 50 years, also debunked a report that he slept in a coffin for 40 years. “Death is certain and we are all going to end up in a coffin one day. I only use it as an example that one day, we will all die notwithstanding our position in the society and we will give a report of our activities to God.” Continuing, he said: “Only if kidnappers, armed robbers, politicians can buy a casket each for themselves today, and begin to lay inside, constantly reminding themselves that death looms even as they go about kidnapping, extort-ing money from families and putting their victims in untold pains. “It is possible to realize at a point that all their activities will one day end up in a casket, and there, their flesh will rotten. 

The same is applicable to everybody on earth. We need to realize that the world is bizarre and empty; as vanity plus vanity will always end up in vanity,” the prophet stated. “I have a coffin which I carry about while preaching. I did not sleep in it for 40 years.

 All I am pointing out is that no matter how wealthy you are, you will not leave this world with the money. 

You will not go into the grave with your money; be you a civil servant who stole money; be you an armed robber or a landlord or a caretaker, your money and wealth ends here the moment you are dead. “If you are buried with an expensive coffin, clothes and jewelries, all will be stolen from you in the night and your carcass will be left. 

To me, life has no meaning until we come to God. Things are going wrong in this world and we should mend our ways,” the prophet emphasized. He revealed that he would soon build a mosque for Muslim worshippers within his church premises, explaining that he believes that both Christians and Muslims call on the same God.



  1. Well if that is the only way people will listen to Word of God. There is no big deal in it. Coffin or not, we all must go.

  2. I know the prophet and I have heard so much about him. But didn't know he uses coffin

  3. So strange. Let him use anything but a coffin. Doesn't look christian-like.


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