Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“You Can’t Be a Soulmate and Focus on the Body” – Lynxxx Tells Singles to Find Their Spiritual Equals

Lynxx shared a powerful message on Premarital Sex earlier this month “Please Be Very Careful About Who You Are Intimate With” which has been shared severally. Click here to read it

The devoted Catholic shared this word to singles about finding their spiritual equals, not a partner too into their body instead of their salvation.

He wrote, along with a photo that said, “find a man who will reject sin with you”

Let’s be real… What is a soulmate if he doesn’t care about ur soul? What is a soulmate if she constantly leads u to sin? A soulmate should nurture and encourage growth, personal / Spiritual development and be willing to sacrifice at all times while you both walk in purpose.

There’s a fine distinct line between casually dating someone and finding a soulmate. You can’t be a soulmate and focus on the body. We all need to look within and realize what situations we are surrounded by and do the needful.

If you find a rib that doesn’t fit…stop tryna make it work, its not urs… Let it go to avoid further complications, A real soul after Gods heart wouldnt be after your pants 

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  1. Hmm, souds funny though.

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    1. Really? Thanks for stopping by. I will visit you now

      Stay blessed!

  2. Lynxx is a change man oo abi is justb for popularity sake,i hope he practice what he preaches


  3. You now started making sense out of senseless name you bear

  4. Lynxx, Lynxx... Don’t coman be changing your mouth later o


  5. Nice. I pray God keeps him.

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