Saturday, May 7, 2016

First-Ever Muslim Miss USA Rima Fakih Converts to Christianity, Report Claims

The woman who is believed to be the first ever Muslim winner of the Miss USA beauty pageant has reportedly converted to Christianity.

According to the Middle Eastern news site Albawaba, Lebanese-American model Rima Fakih, who is believed to be the first Muslim woman to win the honor of Miss USA when she was crowned in 2010, gave her life to Christ last month ahead of her wedding.

Fakih, who is a former Miss Michigan and also once trained to be a WWE women's wrestler, was born into a Shiite Muslim sect and is set to marry music producer and Catholic Wassim Salibi on May 15.

Although she has not confirmed the reports of her conversion, she did quote the Bible and gave glory to God in tweets she posted in late March.

On March 30, Fakih tweeted a picture of herself from the night in 2010 when she won the Miss USA pageant. Her tweet also included a quote from Philippians.

"Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me," Fakih wrote.

Later that same day, Fakih tweeted a picture of inspirational message about God.

"Only God can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory," the message states.

"I consider myself to be blessed. I have a family that is a mix of different religions and different ethnicities. My brother-in-law is Christian, and he (and my sister) baptized their two sons. I have an uncle who converted to Christianity, and he's a priest now," she said. "My family is Muslim. But none of this ever came up in our family. We don't look at religion as something that defines us, we look at religion as something that we respect, and something that teaches us about ethics."

She concluded the interview by saying that as Miss USA, she can be a "Muslim ambassador" for the country.

"I feel like I can be a great representative. America is the land of opportunity, and people can live in America and be who they want to be," Fakih stated. "Don't deny your faith. Don't deny your ethnicity."

Source: Christian Post


  1. Good for her. Muslim religion are becoming something else these days. Killing and destroying .

  2. Muslims are not becoming something else,its the people that hide behind the religion caudsing havoc all over,they are not muslims they are ashetani.

  3. Thank you fashina. We mustn't use our hatred on a particular religion to generalized our statement. Talking about killing and destroying. Have ever research on how and who started it? She converted because it's her choice, how about the popular pastor in my area that just converted? He converted because he can't continue to hide the truth thereby leading people away from the truth.

  4. Whatever rocks her boat.

  5. as Gloria said. what ever rocks her boat...congrats to her though.

  6. Her choice..

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  7. Good for her.

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