Monday, May 9, 2016

The Great Conqueror (Fiction) - Episode One

Pine Tree Village

Pine Tree Village, as its name suggests, is a beautiful community with a mature landscape and the majestic pine trees that are so abundant in the area.

Faire is a thriving neighbourhood in pine tree village with a lot of cranberry farms and fig trees. There are also plenty of fruits, crop and livestock products in Faire. Ask anyone who lives in Faire and will sure tell you it’s a slice of heaven.

Richard own the largest farm in Faire. The large Farm, which has up to 2,000 workers started with four bulldozer operators. It is proudly one of the stable sources of crop and animal products upon which pine villagers depend for food and other uses.

Richard is, indeed one of the farmers who have sown under the sun and can now reap his harvests.

Daniel, Richard’s elder brother heard his brother own a big farm in Faire on Brown Network. Daniel, who lives in Boston, decided to visit his brother on Sabbath day.
There was a Catholic Parish in Boston, close to Daniel’s house, and though Daniel was Anglican he went to fellowship there so that he could get to Faire in the morning. After the service, Daniel drove to Faire as he worshiped God with uplifting songs in his car wholeheartedly.

To his surprise, he met security guards at the community entrance in Faire.
Mike, the head of security guards saw him in his 2001 Mercedes-Benz car and interrogated him,
‘’where are you coming from?’’, where are you going?’’, ‘’who do you want to visit?’’

Daniel shrugged! ‘’You’re rude!!!

Mike frowned! “I don’t care”

As Daniel observed Mike with his colleagues conducting an outdoor security meeting, he wondered why mike asked three questions at the same time and being so awful. So, as he thought about the situation more in his car, he saw a man standing at the back of his car, he came down and walked towards his direction

‘’Are you a security guard in this area?’’ Daniel asked as he moved closer to him

‘’Yeah…..” the security guard muttered

‘’What is your name?’’ Daniel asked

‘’My name is Jack,’’ he replied

‘’You should be in the meeting,’’ Daniel continued

‘’I am still on training sir,’’ Jack responded humbly

‘’Who do you want to visit sir?’’ Jack asked quietly

‘’You are respectful, I want to visit my brother Richard,’’ Daniel replied

''Richard is a great farmer in Faire, he is well known for his kind gesture and hospitality in Pine Tree Village. I like him, I will inform my boss immediately, ‘’ Jack said

As Jack walked towards the meeting arena, mike asked him what he want

‘’I want to see you sir!” replied Jack

Mike excused himself from the meeting for five minutes

‘’Daniel want to visit the great farmer, he is Richard’s elder brother’’ Jack said happily

‘’Really….” Mike muttered

‘’Open the gate at once, ’’ he said

As Daniel drove in, he saw a pothole in front which could damage the car brake. He parked his car close to the king’s palace and trekked to his brother’s house

Daniel saw majestic pine and olive trees as he was trekking to Richard’s house. Three bible verses flow through his mind while looking at those trees

Genesis 1:12 – The earth  brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good

Psalm 92:12 – The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree, he will grow like a cedar in Lebanon

Psalm 52:8 – But as for me, I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the loving-kindness of God forever and ever

‘’God is great’’, he exclaimed. He breathed a sign of relief, as he got to Richard’s house

To be continued in the next episode

This story is work of fiction. Names, characters and events described are the imagination of the writer. Resemblance to actual persons, alive or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Written by Temitope Akinnagbe


  1. hmmmn1 waiting for the other part and what the brother would do...

  2. This should be interesting.. Waiting..

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gloria. It will be an interesting story line,i promise

  3. So happy to be back here after my long break. :).
    Waiting for the next episode though. (Let me GUESS, he may be upto some mischief)

    1. Welcome back Mr. Patrick. Thanks for reading. Watch out for the next episode


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