Friday, June 17, 2016

Six Great Lessons from Six Great Men of God

1. Pastor E.A ADEBOYE: Humility is not Stupidity or Mediocrity. You can live in humility, purity and Prosperity at the same time.

2. Pastor W.F KUMUYI: Holiness is not a big deal but the real deal. And Holiness is never an excuse for poverty. You can be richly Holy.

3. Bishop DAVID .O. OYEDEPO: Faith is a risk u must continue to take if u must continue to be a burden to none and a lift to others.

4. Dr. D.K. OLUKOYA: In the school of Destiny discovery, recovery and fulfilment, everyone is a fighter, consciously or unconsciously. You have to fight against something if u must be anything in life.

5. Pastor PAUL ENENCHE: You don't have to be big in stature to dare big project. You dnt need a big stature to make big impact. All u need is God's grace, big heart and right mentality.

6. DAVID IBIYEOME: You cannot experience divine enlargement on every side until u enlarge ur mindset. And nothing will move until u make the move.

May you encounter Favor all the days of your life in Jesus name (Amen)


  1. Amen in Jesus name

  2. Amen Amen Amen.

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