Friday, July 29, 2016

Christians Should Be Led By The Spirit Before Going Out For Morning Cry or Evangelism - Revival Assembly Pastor, Anslem Madubuko

Pastor Anslem Madubuko
Revival Assembly Pastor, Anslem Madubuko has reacted to the ongoing religion attacks on Christians and evangelists by Islamic fundamentalists.

In a chat with City People, he said:

Its all signs of the end time. Persecution and trails have been predicted in the bible and its coming to pass now, sadly its happening globally no place is safe any more we here on terrorist bombing about 80 tourist in France recently. Its so sad and inhuman although as believe death is not to be feared death is not the end but the beginnings of eternal life in glory. Remember what saint Paul said in the bible, to live is for Christ and to die is gain’ so death is not a sorrowful incident to a believer but a call to glory. However, Christians should be led by the spirit before going out for morning cry or evangelism. It should not be a religious thing you should all the time without asking for direction from the holy spirit. Their were times in the bible that apostle Paul wanted to go somewhere but the holy spirited directed him elsewhere due to the danger that, it saw. So the same should apply to evangelists. Christian should wait on God to know his leading before going out. Christians should be flexible and open minded, not just doing the work of God in a religious manner.

He further advised upcoming men of God with this:

They should be humble and focus on their work for God. They should know exactly God is calling them into, and don’t try to copy others but be their self. They should wait for God divine timing and not compromise by patronizing the devil for money, fame and power. Also find good mentors and learn from them .don’t be proud, boastful, envious, full of slander, gossip and vain competition. These days nobody wants to wait on God, infact some are not even waiting to be called. They call themselves and given claim they were called. People also need to be careful of these false men of God. They will exploit their flock for personnel gain and vain glory. There are so many ministries out there infact in every street, you will see even more than two churches. Some of them just sprang up overnight, no calling, no monitoring, no stewardship, just nothing and they bear big titles- Bishop, Prophet, Reverend and much more. If you are called by God know exactly what God wants you to do for his kingdom and focus on that, He will certainly lift you in due season if you remain faithful.

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  1. That's The fact but hardly will you see any clergy man doing it for God.


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