Friday, November 11, 2016

Inspiring Video: Jesus at the Center by Eben

Wow!  This is inspiring.
Lyrics after the cut

At the center of it all
It’s you that I see (2x)

There is power in your name
Miracles happen in your name

As we lift our voice in praise
It’s you that I see (2x)

You are bigger
Bigger than d biggest
You are stronger
Stronger than the strongest

You are higher
Higher than the highest
You are greater
Greater than the greatest

Jesus (8x)

Download......Coming Soon


  1. Great lyrics too.

  2. At the centre of my problems,its YOU that i see

    My pastor's and church favotrite song
    Fountian of life Church,How we love to worship God in Truth and in spirit

    1. I love this worship song. It is inspiring


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