Saturday, December 31, 2016

Qualities of an Ideal Man - Rev. Gbeminiyi Eboda

1. He is a good Man (Titus 3 vs 8) filled with the Holy ghost, A man of character, moderate in all things & is after building his legacy (acts 11:24,Ps112:5)

2. He is a faithful man (Proverbs 20:6)
He is committed, consistent in his commitments.
3. He is a covering. (Is 32:2) shield his home, his woman.

4. He is a praying Man (Luke 8:1, 1 Tim 2:1-8) through the power of prayer, weaknesses are dealt with. When a man stops praying he begins to lose to the enemy.

5. He listens. Listens to God and the voice of reasoning. ie. He Can be counseled and corrected (Prov 19:27,Matthew 1:24,Acts 9:6)

6. He is secured. ( Judges 4:4,Joel 2:28) He can handle the prosperity of a woman.

7. He is mature. Maturity is Not increase in age but in wisdom. Boys have ability, Men have a sense of responsibility.
Ability without responsibility makes you a Liability.

8. He can wait. ( James 1:4) God can bypass protocol but he will never eliminate process. Everything should go through process. Everything must be tested & proved.

9. He is a giver (John 3:16, Is 32:8,Ps 112:9)

10. He is a Visionary. PS 29:18, Gen 37:5-9, Joel 2:28)

11. He is productive. 2 Thess 3:10. He might be out of work or employment but not out of initiative / ideas. If you can't take care of your business, you can't take care of your home. Your worth comes from your Work! ( Note not Job)

12. He has self leadership. (Prov 16:32)

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