Saturday, December 31, 2016

#Quotes from Pastor David Ibiyeomie at #5NightsOfGlory 2016

Pastor David Ibiyeomie delivered a wonderful message on WISDOM, as we expected, he poured out his heart to the teaching and from there, I was able to noted down this few wise quotes out of hundreds of others.

1. Money not placed in the hand of God will be limited in value.

2. Every crisis in life is a wisdom crisis.

3. Wisdom is God’s given ability to perceive the turn nature of the matter and to implement the will of God in that matter.

4. Wisdom is putting God into work for our life.

5. Wisdom is doing the right thing to do and doing life.

6. Men of wisdom do not follow popular opinion.1

7. Wisdom consults God before talking.

8. Wise people follow their own track.

9. Bible is the wisdom bank.

10. The force behind wisdom is the Holy Spirit.

11. The Bible is the wisdom of God in print.

12. The Holy Spirit is the source of wisdom.

13. Divine wisdom is the Holy Spirit inspired; it is the heritage of the born again.

14. Wisdom does not talk, it shows results.

15. It is what you believe that God will make reality for you.

16. Power without wisdom will make you appear foolish.

17. Wisdom is the master key for the treasures of life.

18. Nothing is comparable to wisdom.

19. Wealth is a by-product of wisdom.

20. Once a man failed in wisdom, he has failed in all.

21. Wisdom is the major course of life.

22. The seat of wisdom is your mind.

23. The wisdom of God is the carrier of your glory.

24. When you don’t have wisdom, you become frustrated.

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