Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Freeze and Tithe Controversy

Freeze(Nigerian OAP) launched the #Freethesheeple campaign which is currently trending on twitter. Daddy Freeze stated that it is wrong to pay tithe. He said some great men of God only enriched themselves with the sweats of the congregation.

In a new Instagram post, the OAP said blessings were not connected to how much tithe, offering or a pastoral sacrifice paid.

“We have been mis-educated in many ways. If our teachers can admit that they were wrong, why can’t our pastors?

“The greatest blessing to Christianity was the sacrifice Jesus made, when he died on the cross and I don’t remember him charging the Israelites for it.

“Your blessing is not connected to your tithe, or an offering, or a dangerous seed or a pastoral sacrifice etc…. IT IS FREE!

The President of the Omega Fire Ministries worldwide (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, has veered into the controversy on tithe, anchored by media personality, Daddy Freeze.

Earlier, Pastor Adeboye advised Christians on the dangers attached to none compliance to paying of tithe.

Apostle Suleman backing Adeboye on his statement on tithe warned OAP Freeze to stay off preaching and stick to his field, adding that tithe and offering were not used to buy expensive jets. 

Apostle Suleman stressed that he veered into the controversy because Pastor Adeboye spoke about it, adding that OAP Freeze does not deserve a response.

“Let it be clear that if anyone is not a pastor, he has no right to attack a pastor on church issue. He should leave everything to God. I only laugh.

“Somebody who is not a doctor cannot teach a certified doctor how to go about doing his job; he will just be laughed at. Someone who is not a journalist can’t teach a true journalist how he should do his work; they will just be laughing at him.

Ace drama minister and founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministry, Mike Bamiloye has opened up on the controversy trailing the payment of tithes among church members.

Airing his views on the controversy, the Agbara Nla producer said he saw nothing wrong with the practice of tithing.

He said, “I am an Evangelist. I believe strongly in tithes and giving offerings as God commanded in Malachi 3:10.

“I have believed and practice this for more than 35 years. I pay tithes. My Ministry pay tithes.

“On many occasions, we had laid all we had on the Altar before God. On some Occasions we had emptied our accounts and laid all before the Lord in obedience to His specific command and in appreciation of His goodness.

“We believe heavily in tithes and offering, and also in the Biblical Principle of first fruits .

“I have seen marvelous Wonders of God at home and on evangelistic fields as I held on to the Biblical Doctrine of Tithes and Offerings, Sowing and Harvesting. I have been on this for more than 30 years in ministry.

“I pay my tithes and I give my offerings as instructed by God. but it is never and can never be my business, whatever the tithes and offerings are used for.

“I have given the Tithes and Offerings to God and It is no longer in my care. It is God’s Business to determine if it is well used or not. Not Mine.

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